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The bearded dragon lives up to its name. It like a dragon is equipped with many scales and spiny like reptilian scales which includes spiny like barbs underneath it and on sides. There are a beard of spikes under its chin which puffs out when alarmed or threatened. There are eight species of bearded dragons. The central bearded dragon is the most common ( Pogona vitticeps) found worldwide. It’s diet consists of greens, cactus, herbs, flowers, plants and larvae. Mostly found in high and low deserts. Thier skin is 100 percent waterproof. Designed to keep hydration in . The eight species of bearded dragons recognized today all of which are called β€œ beardies β€œ.

Scientific Name: Bearded dragon ( Pogona barbata

Width: 11” Inch  Height: 14 Inch
Medium: Oil