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Stephen island New Zealand is at the northern most tip of the Marlborough sounds in the south islands of New Zealand, and lies 2 km to the to the northeast of cape stephens the northwest point of the D’urville island. The island is 1.5 sq kilometer (0.5 sq miles) in size, and roses 283 meters (928 ft) high from the sea at highest elevation. The lighthouse was first lit in 1894 called the Takapourwea ( Māori) in the marlbourgh sounds and became automated in 1989. It was lit by a 50 watt tungsten halogen lightbulb. The range of sight was 18 nautical miles and 33 kilometers and 21 miles. The focal height was 183 meters (600 ft) and height was (15 meters) and 49 ft.

Scientific Name: Xenicus lyelli

Width: 3 Inches  Height: 5 Inches
Medium: Oil