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Stephens island wrens was a small flightless bird indegenous to stephens island along cooks straight in New Zealand. This little wren belonging to the family Ascanthislittidae was once found throughout New Zealand, however, became indegeneous to stephens island where in 1894 was discovered and also became extinct in the same year. This island was home to this bird but because of a light keeper and his cat named “ tibbles” , and another pregnant feral cat, the island became overrun with cats and also the introduced Polynesian rat, it wreaked havoc on these poor flightless birds. When the lightkeeper discovered these birds, all that were left was two specimens “ Tibbles” brought back and the light keeper brought them to local authorities. Status: extinct

Scientific Name: Xenicus lyalli

Width: 22 Inches  Height: 24 Inches
Medium: Oil