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The American species of spoonbills is the roseate spoonbills. They have a beautiful bright pink plumage and a yellowish spoon shaped bill. The group Threskiornithidae comprises ibises and spoonbills. Their nests are built in trees and bushes, and in rock beds as well as reeds. There are about 25 different species in this group. The spoonbills comprise 6 species and the distribution is mostly tropical and sub-tropical. The bill is adapted to a certain kind of diet that the roseate has including; insect larvae that they scoop from the mud flats in marshy areas. At the mud bottoms and ponds, bogs are the richest in nutrients for the spoonbill. Habitat destruction is the main reason for some of the decline.

Scientific Name: Platalea ajaja

Width: 48 Inches  Height: 51 Inches
Medium: Oil