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The "Wood Duck", scientific name Aix sponsa is one of the most colorful ducks that inhabit many regions of the United States. It is somewhat migratory and has lustrous colors that adorn this wonderful species of duck. It possesses a green head with long, white bordered crest and red eyes, orange beak with white and black on top with a white throat and one white marking leading partially around the neck, has a chestnut breast with small white specks and white crescent on the side of the breast, with blue and purple on upper wings coverts and back with yellowish brown flanks. It also has chestnut under tail coverts and a long tail with orange legs and feet. These colors are found brightly in the male species with the female being somewhat duller in coloration. The male wood duck is one of the most spectacular of all ducks because of its decorative color and plumage, and is about 17 - 20 " long. It frequents forested areas along riverbanks and prefers nesting sites that include cavities in dead trees or old wood, and also prefers rivers and ponds and in fall freshwater marshes. Their range is from Manitoba east to Nova Scotia and south to Texas, also to the Pacific Northwest east to Montana and California. Although the female is less decorative, the brown and blues that she displays are also a delight. The wood duck is considered one of the most spectacular of all of the waterfowl in the world.

Scientific Name: Aix sponsa

Width: 11 Inches  Height: 8 1/2 Inches
Medium: Watercolor, Pencil, Pen, Ink, Airbrush