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The Canadian Geese is a bird that is commonly seen throughout much of North America. These ducks do however migrate and is commonly seen in a V shaped pattern in the skies when migrating. These ducks are widespread in the United States and they are regular visitors to farmlands, golf course, backyards and other such places where feed is plentiful. Because of their size and relatively tameness, these ducks are ideal for making observations on bird behavior, especially during mating seasons when they congregate more. They are about 22-45 inches and is a large waterfowl with distinctive black neck and head with a white chin strap. Its body feathers are dusky below and dark brown above. Their voice is a honk, two noted, with a second note higher in pitch. They prefer ponds, lakes, and other open waters and they also feed in fields, grasslands and other open spaces. As of July 2004, there are now two groups of this species. The larger of this species is called the Canadian goose and the smaller is called the Cackling goose. The Canadian Goose scientific name is Branta candensis , and the smaller Cackling Goose is called Branta hutchinsii.

Scientific Name: Bryant’s canadensis

Width: 8 1/2 Inches  Height: 30 Inches
Medium: Pencil, Pen, Ink, Airbrush