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The Momotidae form a small neotropical brightly colored family. The group as a whole must be one of the most attractive of all the bird families, and although regarded as being stupid because of their habit sitting motionless for long periods, thus allowing close approach. For all their bright colorings they are not easy to see for they blend remarkably well with their surroundings, and for this reason are said to be rare or very local. The tail of the Rufous Motmot (Baryphtengus ruficapillus) is often swung like a pendulum and the Blue-crowned motmot (Motmotus momata) produces the spatulate tail by removing some of the barbs. They are also known to abandon their own nest when they become intolerant of the lack of neotrpical parts of the New World, and are restricted to well forested area from Mexico to Paraguay and Northern Argentina.

Scientific Name: Momotus momota

Width: 24 Inches  Height: 18 Inches
Medium: Oil