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The lowland forests of tropical South and Central Americas are where some of the world’s beautiful Macaws. The spectacular flight of these magnificent Macaws. The brilliantly colored Macaws has distinctive flight patterns. Evocative of the forest itself, Macaws are large, long tailed members of the parrot family. They inhabit lowlands and are confined to south and central America. The birds live in lowland tropical forests of Central and North- Western South America and are divided into two separate populations. The southern race, the Guayaquil Great Green Macaw of Western Ecuador is now very scarce, and many have been restricted to the Chongon Hills near Guayaquil. The Northern race for many years believed to be reasonably common in parts of Central America, is now also thought to be threatened in it’s home range.

Scientific Name: Ara macao

Width: 24 Inches  Height: 18 Inches
Medium: Watercolor, Pencil, Pen, Ink, Airbrush