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Probably no family of animals has had so great a totemistic and economic significance for human civilization as the horse. Our response to the horse is and has always been grace, power and above all, freedom. Through history its served man to the best of it’s ability and has proved to be the most obedient and faithful of friend’s. The quagga is probably the best known of all the wild horses, having attracted the dubious glamour that extinction always seem to confer. Because the quagga was restricted to the Cape Colony , the colonizing Boers found it the most obvious food source for their native servants and used their hides domestically for export, so they shot the quagga’s by the thousands. Unfortunately, the last known quagga was killed in 1878, and in 1883 the last captive female died in the Amsterdam Zoo, rendering the species extinct.

Scientific Name: Equis quagga quagga

Width: 18 Inches  Height: 24 Inches
Medium: Watercolor, Pencil, Pen, Ink, Airbrush