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The Okapi is sCFAtary by nature and is nocturnal; therefore, little is known about its behavior in the wild. This odd looking ungulate is cousin to the Giraffe; however the Okapi prefers the dense forest of the Belgian Congo in Central Africa, particularly the Ituri and Buta regions. The Okapi cousin, the giraffe, prefers the open savannah of Africa. Okapi’s are chestnut brown with a reddish tint and have white striped markings covering all four legs with a whitish tint to some parts of their face. They stand about 6 ft at the tip of their head and weigh in no more than 400-600 pounds when they are adults. Their offspring is born in the spring consisting of one calf and the weaning is about 6 months of age. The Okapi has been protected by government decree since 1933. However, poaching and destruction of habitat is the main source for its decline and at present this species is endangered.

Scientific Name: Okapi johnstoni

Width: 72 Inches  Height: 72 Inches
Medium: Oil