Coutelle Fine Arts & Paintings is an organization founded in 1998, which combines the Fine Arts with the Natural Sciences. It is designed to heighten public awareness through educational programs, as well as enlighten the public as to the plight of endangered species and their habitats.

Today, it is becoming increasingly clear that the study of the world’s habitats and understanding them is essential to survival of the planet as a whole. Our organization believes that data research, and participation with other agencies is critical if we want endangered species to flourish.

This organization fuses Fine Arts with Natural Sciences and believes that private funds as well as government funds help to support conservation and preservation efforts, however, if wildlife are to be protected, the legislation needs to help implement and enforce new laws to gain overall protection for endangered and/or rare species. Using all resources available is the key to protecting our endangered species.

Many people have fought to save endangered species. Sometimes they have succeeded, and sometimes they have failed. However, our forefathers paved the first roads of understanding, and it is now our responsibility to continue the quest. The ultimate goal, and what we strive for is that extinction of these valuable species can be avoided.

Jeanelle Coutelle